Un progetto europeo di e-partecipation: scadenza 1 febbraio!!!


Dear Rodolfo,

I work in an NGO (Association for Societal Participation) that has a project called Civilzone. It is about creating a European e-democracy application integrated into Facebook, which will allow citizens to be informed about, discuss, support or reject official initiatives and to organize referendums on local, regional, national and supranational levels. Through viral spread, we expect to achieve the critical amount of people on important issues that will create a true political pressure on representatives.

You can read more about our project on our website: http://civilzone.org

 We’ve recently found an EU fund: Europe for Citizens: http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/citizenship/funding/2013/call_action2_3_en.php


for which we intend to apply.

 (The deadline is February 1st, so very close.)

 In order to successfully propagate citizen participation in multiple European countries, we’d like to partner with like-minded organisations in several countries, and Patrizia Nanz (who I met on an eParticipation conference) advised to contact you for covering Italy.


She told me however that I should be clear about that this project is more practical than academic and much more ‘bottom up’ than ‘top down’.


If you managed to find the time for it, I’d be very happy to discuss if you could somehow be involved in this project and hear your ideas which NGO to get in touch with in Italy for such a project.



Looking forward to hearing from you,

Best regards,



Chi fosse interessato può contattare gabor: gabor.mihucz@participy.org


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